Disposable Napkins


Without printing. Three colors, six sizes, four different materials - one great quality- to choose from.

Quote Plain Napkins


Turn each napkin into a sales device. We can print your logo, phrase and QR code (link every napkin to your website!) in up to four different colors. 

Quote Personalized Napkins 

Three colors


Quote White Napkins 

Classic Arctic White. Clean, crisp, and elegant.


Quote Kraft Napkins

Unbleached and chemical free. Eco-conscious and Eco-friendly. 


Quote Black Napkins

The epitome of elegance. Deep Black is the ideal canvas for printing Gold or Silver logos or messages.  

For every use

Beverage - Cocktail

1, 2, 3 ply or Airlaid | Linen-like

Unfolded: 10"x10" | Folded: 5"x5" - 1/4

Quote Beverage Napkins 

The ideal size to place under or around drinks. 


2 ply

Unfolded: 13”x13” | Folded: 6.7”x6.7” - 1/4

Quote Luncheon Napkins

Meal size for Take-out, Delivery or Dine-in establishments.


1 , 2 ply

Unfolded: 15”x17” | Folded: 4.3”x7.6” - 1/8

Quote Dinner Napkins 

Sized ready to set the table.

Towel Napkin Small

Airlaid | Linen-like

Unfolded: 8”x17” | Folded: 4”x8.5” - 1/4

Quote Small Towel Napkin

Maximum absorbency for hand drying.

Towel Napkin Large

Airlaid | Linen-like

Unfolded: 12”x17” | Folded: 4.3”x8.5” - 1/6

Quote Large Towel Napkin

Luxury size with maximum absorbency.

Four types of materials


Our Value Line is ideal for Take-out and Delivery or Grab-and-Go. 


More absorbent then single-ply with a sturdier feel. 


Firm and crisp for a Superior Fine-Dining experience.  

Airlaid | Linen-like

Extreme absorbency. To be used at the dining table instead of fabric napkins. One napkin can last a whole meal. Also perfect to use as disposable towels at the sink.  


Coin Edge

Elegant embossed reeds along the border of each napkin lend an aura of sophistication to your napkins and a frame for your logo.


An overall embossing with a linen design surface give each napkin a look-and-feel that yours guests will appreciate. 

Comparative napkin dimensions

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