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 HotelXperts™ is a dynamic organization in the hospitality industry supplying hotels and restaurants worldwide and has available more than 25,000 outstanding products. We are well known for our impeccable personal service and our ability to comply with the highest quality brands and standards of each major international hotel chain.

New Openings

We know how to make every new opening efficient, and economical.

Hotel openings can be a stressful experience for everyone, but not with HotelXperts™. Right from the very start we make everything flow smoothly. We assign an experienced personal Project Manager from the first day, his assignment is to guarantee the best price, the best quality and precise on-time delivery at each phase of the project.

Daily Operations

Increase your profits by making your daily operations more efficient.

Daily Operations can be a profit-leak if they are taken for granted. We can help you analyze every phase of your daily operations purchases to cut costs as much as 15% or more – which quickly shows up on your bottom line.


Top quality, low cost, rapid delivery, that’s the secret of our renovations.

Guests are extremely sensitive to the quality of the hotel infrastructure. They want a modern-looking, latest-technology environment; we can offer you that with minimum changes in your current infrastructure. We have the latest technology, the most modern materials and our vast experience to guarantee the satisfaction of your guests. Renovations are our speciality!

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