About Us


BEST QUALITY.  We find the best quality products, carefully tested for guest-appeal, durability, and uniqueness. We guarantee only first-quality, reliable products, your brand, our brand, or national brand.

BEST PRICE.  Our prices are ALWAYS the best – consistent with quality, durability, and reliability. We can supply whatever product you need – at the best price in the market.

BEST SERVICE.  Our service is unmatched. You can rely on our total commitment to your satisfaction. The following words say it all: HotelXperts™ IS TOTALLY COMMITTED TO YOUR SATISFACTION. No exceptions.

HotelXperts™ was founded in 2002 as a company designed to provide hotel solutions for Latin America. But today it is a dynamic force in the hospitality industry which supplies major hotels and restaurants worldwide. 

We have more than 10,000 satisfied clients and more than 2 million hotel rooms serviced. We offer the complete and integrated process of manufacturing, importation, storage and distribution for our clients. That comprises a total product and logistic package which is efficient, effective, and economical. 

We have a total service network based in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and South America which specializes in serving Latin America and the Caribbean area. We also have manufacturing and processing facilities in Asia. HotelXperts™ represents exclusively (or as a major distributor) a full line of the standard Brands utilized in the hospitality industry. Many of these products are permanently in inventory and are available immediately. 

We can also personalize almost any article that our clients require.